Create a proxy server on Amazon EC2

Run a Proxy on Amazon EC2 VPC

Step 1: 先去Amazon官網建立自己的EC2 instance
Step 2: 利用AWS key,讓自己的電腦連上EC2 instance
Step 3: 連上之後,在EC2 instance上安裝proxy server軟體
Step 4: 編輯proxy server軟體的config檔,指定要使用的port和允許連線的IP address
Step 5: Redirect localhost with specified port to EC2 instance IP address and proxy port
Step 6: Open your computer network setting page to configure proxy ip address and port

1) We use Squid as our proxy server on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.15.0-1057-aws x86_64)
2) After connecting to your instance, you can use following commands to set up Squid:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install squid
cd etc/squid
sudo su
vi squid.conf // to allow specified ip address connection
sudo service squid restart // Restart Squid service to reload the configuration changes




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